500mg CBD Topical Salve w/Copaiba


Extra-concentrated formula, perfect for your post-workout recovery routine, or to combat the everyday physical stress we put on our muscles, joints, and nerves.

  • Copaiba oil
  • 500mg broad spectrum hemp extract (CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids)
  • Third-party lab tested for potency and quality
  • Zero THC, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals
  • Absorbs quickly and effectively – no oily residue
  • No unnecessary additives


Skin-loving and cleansing copaiba oil works with 500mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, and other thoughtfully selected natural ingredients to make the perfect complement to recovery and rebuilding routines following intense workouts – or simply to help balance out the physical stress we put our muscles, joints, and nerves through every day.  Your skin will love our salves too – coconut oil and olive oil absorb quickly and naturally into the skin, moisturizing and conditioning while leaving no oily residue, and bees wax forms a protective barrier.  Apply salve regularly for a soothing and restorative feeling inside and out.

We source the highest quality broad spectrum hemp extract distillate, which undergoes third-party testing by an ISO-accredited lab to ensure potency and purity.  Our finished products then undergo the same process, and are guaranteed to contain ZERO solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, or THC.  As with all of our products, our salves are formulated using no unnecessary additives – each ingredient is chosen for its contribution to your overall wellness.

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