About Clearly BALANCED Days

With Clearly Balanced Days, our goal is not only to provide the best CBD available, but also to provide people with the most up-to-date and accurate information about CBD, the CBD industry, and the endocannabinoid system and how it works in our bodies.

The staff at Clearly Balanced Days are all very unique, but we have one important thing in common: dedication to working every day to make sure people (and pets!) are receiving the best products for their needs, and have the necessary tools and information to empower them to take charge of their own wellness journeys.

There is so much more to Clearly Balanced Days than just selling CBD products – the heart of the company is a passionate and empathetic commitment to helping others achieve wellness, physically and mentally. Our team has been impacted by mental illness on a very personal level, so having this work be part of a loved one’s legacy, as well as hearing how people benefit from our products, keeps us motivated to maintain our high standards for quality and continuous improvement.

In 2019, Clearly Balanced Days partnered with SLC Group Holdings so that we can continue to grow, but we remain a small, family-based company, with each team member personally invested in the company and the goals of producing quality products, spreading awareness, and helping people restore balance in multiple ways.

Meet Our Team

Tina White, Owner

Tina White, Owner

Tina is a woman who wears many hats (literally and figuratively – she has quite a collection). As the owner of Clearly Balanced Days, she is our head coach, our team captain, and our biggest (and smallest) cheerleader. She is not just a “boss,” she is a leader, and one who pushes us to work hard, but also to have fun and embrace who we are and what we bring to the team as individuals. She prides herself on being resourceful, and resilient, and always willing to learn from any job she has had – qualities we benefit from as a team every day. Her resiliency was put to the test in 2017 when her 16-year-old son, Alec, lost his battle with depression. Since then, Tina has used Clearly Balanced Days to stay motivated, to help others, and to celebrate Alec’s legacy by spreading awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

Carrie James, Chief Formulator and Pet Expert

Carrie James
Chief Formulator and Pet Expert

Our resident “pet guru” has over 25 years of experience working with pets in a variety of settings—grooming, boarding, and training, and has also made it her mission to ensure that we are a well-informed and well-represented part of the conversation as changes continue to happen in the hemp industry, with new legislation, regulations, and other developments. If she is not speaking about the benefits of hemp-derived products on the radio, at the state house, or at one of our retail locations, you can find her in full mad scientist garb in one of our two formulation labs, creating and perfecting everything from tinctures to Fizzy Discs.

Alicia Grimaldi, Director of Customer Relationships

Alicia Grimaldi
Director of Customer Relationships

Alicia’s infinite patience and compassion, as well as her years of experience in healthcare and in private practice as a certified holistic health counselor, bring an expansive wellness resource to our customers, and her hard work and dedication have made her an invaluable part of the company. She devotes the same time and care to each customer call, regardless of whether they are a wholesale customer placing a large order, or a newbie to the hemp industry buying a single tincture for the first time. Also, without her, the rest of us might never remember the importance of stopping to eat lunch, drink water, and nurture our bodies while we are working to nurture others.


Shannon Rich
Executive Assistant

Shannon spent 13 years working in social services before arriving on the doorstep of Clearly Balanced Days. The organization, flexibility, and ability to multitask learned in that time, combined with her degree in English, experience in editing and layout as a student journalist, and natural artistic ability are a strange assortment of ingredients, but they really do work well together (like pineapple on pizza, she would say – and don’t argue with her)! When she’s here, she could be processing payroll, editing a document, creating an email campaign for our customers, updating our marketing materials, or organizing any number of things (including our thoughts). And when she’s not here, she might be dancing at a concert – or at the grocery store.

Joli White, Quality Control and Compliance Officer

Joli White
Quality Control and Compliance Officer

Joli is a senior in college, majoring in bio science – a choice that pairs well with her sharp mathematics and analytical skills. She has been instrumental in formulating and perfecting our products, as well as ensuring that we are complying with all industry standards for both our products and our facility. She never backs down from a challenge, whether that means a solo trip to Thailand, joining a roller derby team, or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with her mom. We’re never sure what Joli might do next, but it will undoubtedly be epic.

Chance Grimaldi, Fulfillment Manager

Chance Grimaldi
Fulfillment Manager

Chance was the first official employee of Clearly Balanced Days, which means he spent a fair amount of time filling individual tincture bottles by hand. He still fills our customers’ orders, but now he is in charge of packing and shipping them so they arrive safely and in a timely manner – which he does with great care for both our wholesale and individual customers. He also maintains our inventory, as well as our shipping and receiving logs (so we can tell whether we’re coming or going). Though you can spot some of his photographic talent showcased in our product photos on the website and in our marketing materials, we must admit they do not quite compare to the ones he takes outside the office, while hiking in the White Mountains. Chance is as conscientious and kind as he is thorough and organized, and we are so grateful for his flexibility as the company has grown, and the unique set of skills he brings to the team.

Kara Bligh, Social Media Coordinator

Kara Bligh
Social Media Coordinator

Kara is responsible for creating and educating our online community, as well highlighting our products across our social media platforms. She has focused a lot of her career on physical health and fitness, and also is very thoughtful about the products she uses in and on her body, as well as her family’s. She aims to empower others with useful information so they can make the best choices for their wellness and health, and being part of Clearly Balanced Days has helped her expand upon that goal. Her two young boys often make guest appearances in our content videos – they are great little assistants!