Small Business Saturday

As a small business, we love small businesses!  It’s important to us to support local businesses and small businesses everywhere because we know what it takes to operate on a day-to-day basis, and most of our retailers are small businesses themselves.  You wouldn’t know it, but our team is small (but mighty)!  Our HR person is also our copy editor and content writer, our salesperson is a health coach, and somehow, we’re all sales people.  Since we’re experts on faking it until we make it, we want to spotlight some of the small businesses we work with and are so grateful for – because they really help with the “make it” part: 

First, I want to shout out Brothers Cortado, where I am currently writing this post and drinking a delicious mocha oat milk latte.  Turns out these brothers live in the same town as we do, and so far appear to be having a very successful opening day!  Be sure to check them out in Concord, NH.  I am really excited to see where they’re going.

Hoba Care

Previously known as The Original Jojoba Company,Hoba Care is where we get our jojoba for our Massage + Body Oil and Clear Skin Serum.  Jojoba is a natural plant wax, and the closest thing to our skin’s natural sebum, which makes it an incredible addition to your everyday skincare routine – plus CBD to enhance those amazing, natural properties.  This company gets jojoba straight from the source, through a co-op of farmers, so we feel confident in providing you with a product made using their jojoba.  Also, they are fairly local to us which cuts down on the environmental impact of shipping! 

This amazing jojoba is what we’re using in our newly released SCENTED Massage + Body Oil.  Made with a plant-based fragrance blend of ginger, almond, and coconut, this product makes a great after-shower moisturizer.

Eric Snyder Photography

Eric Snyder’s work is absolutely stunning!  We hired Eric to take some product photos for us, and he exceeded all expectations.  He is located in the Boston and New York City area, which again is local to us and specializes in fashion and product photography.  If you need product photos, we highly recommend Eric!

Mad Micas

We use Mad Micas mica in our fizzy products to give them the color they have.  We tested a lot of options to ensure they wouldn’t stain your bathtub, or at least came off easily.  Mad Micas products are vegan and ethically sourced, which is extremely important when looking for good mica.  They also always send samples of new colors for us to try which is not only fun, but may inspire some new fizzy flavors one day!

Nate the Sign Guy (Nathan Gauntt)

Nate is a local man who made our brand-new sign on our entrance!  We’re really excited to unveil this to you and really impressed with Nate’s and his wife’s work.  It came out just how we hoped, you can see it from the busy road in front of our building, and tells you who we are and what we value: clean, simple, natural. 

Bowen Imagery

Bowen Imagery has been by our side since the early stages, designing our website, labels, and signage for every show or event we are showcased in.  Everything we throw at them, they take in stride, including our latest white labeling venture.  If you are interested in white labeling, with an added fee, we can have your labels designed for you and even apply them for you!  Thanks to the help of Ami and Mike, the husband-and-wife team, we have beautiful branding and artwork on everything.


Since we work at and attend a lot of educational events and in-person trade shows, we have to look a little put together.  ShirtMasters staff has put up with our requests requiring minimal lead time, a bunch of different styles and colors of shirts … and us showing up right before they close to place the order.  Thankfully, they’re right down the street and never disappoint!  Our team looks great and feels great in the quality ShirtMasters provides to us.  If you’re ever looking for short run, screen printed shirts, ShirtMasters is the place to go.

These businesses have helped us and we’re so happy to be able to support them and share with you all the appreciation we have for them.  This holiday season be sure to support other small businesses and other businesses local to you.  The impacts of COVID and supply chain issues are still being felt in a big way for all of us local and small businesses, and we’re all working harder than normal to stay afloat.  Remember the cheesy saying about when you support a small business, you’re supporting a child’s dance classes and not a CEO’s fourth vacation home… when you support Clearly Balanced Days you’re supporting these cute faces, our dream, and so much more.  Even if you can’t support some small businesses directly, don’t forget to share them with your friends because you never know who might be looking for what they’re selling!  And as always, thank you for your continued support of our dream.

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