How to Help Your Dog Cope with Fireworks

Do you have a dog that’s scared of fireworks?  We know that the Fourth of July is one of the hardest days of the year for these poor pups, so I want to give you some techniques that might help!  Some signs of fear/anxiety in dogs can be heavy panting, pacing, drooling, peeing, shaking, hiding, or even trying to stay very close to someone they trust.  

  1. Stay with them.

You’re all your furry friend’s got and in this time of fight or flight – they’re going to want their best two-legged friend by their side.  Hearing your voice over the scary booms, or even just your presence could make all the difference to your dog.  Moving into a space in your house where the fireworks are a little harder to hear will help too – anything to make it quieter.

2. Rub some CBD Pet Balm in their ears.

Our 300mg CBD Pet Balm is formulated with our own calming blend of essential oils.  This little tool might help you make big steps towards a more relaxed dog in the midst of the unexplainable explosions outside.  Rubbing just on the flaps of their ears puts it in a spot where they can smell it, but it won’t come off too strong to them.  Plus, the CBD will absorb topically. (You might even find some overstock deals!)

3. Try a Thunder Shirt.

These shirts act like a big hug on your dog, kind of like a weighted blanket for humans.  The pressure on the dog’s body can help simulate a hug, or in some cases even the womb, somewhere they instinctively remember being safe.

4. Drop some CBD Pet Drops onto a treat.

Every dog loves a good cookie, treat, biscuit, bone, whatever you call them in your house, so why not add a little CBD on top?!  This will get into the dog’s system a little quicker than the topicals and will work from the inside out.  Or even better, try our CBD Pet Chews and save yourself the mess of balancing a cookie with oil on it!

5. Keep the doors leading outside CLOSED.

Every year dogs run off on the Fourth of July.  Don’t let this be your dog.  Fireworks can send some dogs into such a panic they will run away.  It’s confusing for them, so instead of sending both of you into a frenzy, keep the doors closed.  Try to take your dogs outside before the fireworks start, and even if you normally don’t, keep them on a leash – just in case that one neighbor starts their firework show early.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, it’s only temporary.  Don’t punish your dog for being scared of fireworks or their anxiety surrounding it.  You are their world!  They trust you to keep them safe and take care of them, so take advantage of all the tools available to you in their time of need.  Good luck this year and Happy Fourth!

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