You don’t need a Label but Your CBD Does

In honor of Pride month, let’s talk about labels!  First of all, you don’t have to label yourself to be valid in the LGBTQIA+ community.  Your journey is yours.  My own mom had two kids before she came out. I love her, and spending time with her and my dad is still probably my favorite thing in the world.

The choice to label yourself, or not to label yourself, is entirely yours.  You are valid.  You matter.  And if you do not have people in your life who support you, there is support out there. 

Unfortunately, sometimes labels are required – like the labels we put on our CBD products.   And just like the idea of requiring a label to be “enough” in the LBGTQIA+ community make us mad, so does the fact that some companies put incomplete or misleading labels on their products!  As I’ve mentioned in a lot of previous blog posts, what we can and cannot say about CBD is heavily regulated, and this includes our labels.

The confusion for consumers starts pretty much immediately with the amount of CBD in the container, especially when the large number on the label refers to the total amount of CBD in the bottle, not a single dose – and there is no indication anywhere else on the bottle of how many milligrams are actually in a single dose.  On our labels, while the large number is the total milligrams of CBD in a bottle of our tinctures, we also have done all the math for you just below the total mg, so you know approximately how much CBD is in a single dose (or one dropper full). 

This allows you to decide how much CBD you want to dose out and take at once.  Unfortunately, we meet people for the first time who, due to incomplete labeling from other companies, think they are taking 300mg or 600mg of CBD daily, which would mean drinking the entire bottle of our 300mg or 600mg CBD tincture.  Your stomach probably wouldn’t appreciate that much MCT oil, and that high of a dose of CBD is unlikely to be beneficial to anyone.   This is kind of confusion can be easily avoided by companies listing how much a single dose is on their labels – instead of misleading consumers into thinking they are getting more CBD for less money.

It is concerning to us when we hear how much CBD some people think they’re taking – and equally concerning that sometimes, they aren’t getting CBD at all, when hemp seed oil is being marketed as CBD.  This is something I have definitely talked about before, but the fact that some companies are doing this makes the whole industry look bad, which is why viewing the certificate of analysis is so important when you’re buying a CBD product.  If the company doesn’t provide one, I would recommend not purchasing from that company, as transparency is one of our core values – because you have a right to know what you are putting in your body.

Another misleading point on some labels is indicating that the product is FDA approved or manufactured in an FDA-certified facility.  I hate to say it, but CBD is not FDA approved.  But before you get scared, none of the vitamins or supplements you can buy are – take a closer look at your daily multivitamin’s label, for example.  Instead, we are required to include the FDA statement: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease,” which you may have seen on our website as well as our labels.  The FDA also doesn’t evaluate CBD manufacturing facilities.  Last week’s post was about our cGMP audit, which is something recognized by the FDA, but it is not the same as an FDA audit, so our facility is cGMP certified – which is likely what another company’s label may inaccurately list as an “FDA-certified facility.”

We are proud of the accurate information on our labels, but we’re also really proud of the things that aren’t on our labels – not because we’re hiding things from you, but because we want to provide the safest products we can.  You may notice our ingredient list is fairly short on all of our products – there are no preservatives, flavors, solvents, or anything unnecessary in our products.  The less ingredients, the less all of us have to worry about!

Finally, I want to talk about the more personal touches on our labels, such as the suicide prevention ribbon.  We are very passionate about mental health and suicide prevention after the loss of my brother in 2017, and we want there to be as much awareness brought to these subjects as possible.  All of our branding is built around the suicide awareness colors, and the trees and birds have special meaning to us also.

Our labels are part of how we express who we are as a family, and as a company – just as how you choose to label yourself, or not label yourself, is part of who you are.  Whether you are loud and proud, or are quietly coming to accept yourself, take PRIDE in who you are, this month, and every day.

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