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Late Pass for cGMP

I’m so sorry I missed a week of blogging!  I swear it is for good reason.  

In order to continue to provide you all with the highest quality and safest products we can, we undergo an annual audit for cGMP certification, or current Good Manufacturing Practices.  This audit includes things like making sure we have appropriate cleaning procedures, procedures to ensure consistency and safety in every product we put out, and that all our employees (yes, all 6 of us) are safe.  None of this sounds like that much work, but I assure you it is.  

Last year was the first year we went through this process, so to prepare I wrote an entire Food Safety Manual.  This was my 70+ page child.  There are requirements for things to be formally written that are pretty basic: report any injury or illness that could contaminate the product, wash your hands, no food in the production areas …  There are also things that aren’t as obvious though – do you know how many different quality and safety checks there are along the way before our product reaches your hands?  We have our math checked twice before we even start mixing anything, our labels get reviewed by everyone in our building, plus the designers, and every order is double checked by someone before being packed up.  We also do random quality checks, by simply picking through our inventory at random and making sure the product has the right labeling on it, is sealed appropriately, and just always looks ready to leave our hands.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “None of these things seem that crazy, so why bother making such a big deal out of it?”  Well, consider that some other companies don’t do these things at all.  This certification is completed by a third party that can confirm we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe. 

Of course, there are more certifications for manufacturing that are even more specific about food safety and how to exceed even the cGMP requirements, but we do only have a crew of six, and I can’t dedicate my whole job to certifications, so we have set our sights on those for when we continue to grow!  Here at Clearly Balanced Days, we all do every job – and we do it well. 

This year, I made a whole new Master Manufacturing Record that has all the information we need, in one place, to make all of our products start to finish.  We were audited under dietary supplement standards and passed (with a nearly perfect score)!  We are so grateful to have been able to work with the same auditor again this year, who is very thorough and professional, but also an absolute pleasure to be around (which is important, since the process takes all day)! 

So, thank you for being patient with my missed blog post, and believing in and supporting our company and our products. 

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