Trials and Tribulations of a New Pet Parent

I refuse to be a mommy blogger, mostly because if I had kids, you probably wouldn’t want yours to be anything like them, but my dogs will always be my children.  Recently I became the human servant to another puppy, whom we refer to as Grumpus.  Grumpus is approximately six months old, he has been with us for about three of those months, and last week I finally slept through the night for the first time since he came home … you do the math.  You know how I fixed it?  I took him out of his crate.  Turns out, like children, Grumpus does not like sleeping in a crate.

I have a friend who has a baby and two puppies, and when I talked to her about letting Grumpus sleep in bed with me and my other dog, Lola, she warned me, “Do NOT give into the cuteness.  You’ll give up four weeks of progress and have a bunch of pee if you let him.” 

Who am I to argue with someone who works, is in college, has a baby, and two puppies?  I will never have that level of mastery … so I gave in and he sleeps in the bed now.  I see a lot of Extra Strength CBD salve in my future, trying to share a bed with two small-somehow-huge dogs.

You know what I have been able to teach Grumpus?  Where my best friend lives.  She’s our neighbor, but he goes right through the yards and stays next to Lola.  I’m proud of that. Plus, they book it back home after too!  Usually, Lola gets a little extra CBD on her food because running is rough on her. 

We’ve also had to get through some separation anxiety.  In other words, I needed to take a shower, so I put Grumpus in his crate for a snooze.  This was not okay with him, and he is a French Bulldog, so he knows how to vocalize his anger.  When I couldn’t take it anymore, I let him sit in the bathroom while I showered, which also was not to his liking, but you know what he hated even more?  Being in the shower.  Now, on #selfcaresundays, I can take a bath with my CBD fizzy discs and he just sleeps on the floor in the bathroom like an angel.

If you know anything about French Bulldogs, you know they’re pretty high maintenance (exhibits A and B above), but they also get really dry skin!  Unfortunately, this starts pretty early, so we use coconut oil over all of him, and CBD Pet Balm Stick on his paw pads, nose and his ears – they get extra dry on the ends and need more nourishment.  He loves it because he can just lay there and get pet and pampered!

This dog has tested my patience but has made me so proud of how far he’s come!  He and Lola are getting along great and even snuggle now.  So, like any mommy blogger ever … I wouldn’t change a thing.

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