Turn Your Vacation Plans into a Relaxing Staycation With These Tips

This week’s blog post is written by a guest author! Meet Jesse Clark, who loves and misses travel as much as I do, but has some tips to help get your mind off the unscheduled flights and the feeling of those nice clean hotel sheets, or going to the continental breakfast with your slippers on…ahhh…

Bummed about missing out on travel fun because of the pandemic? We totally feel you! Having your vacation plans canceled can be a real downer, no matter the reason. But you don’t have to let a little or big wrench in your plans keep you down for long — especially when you can enjoy a little rest and relaxation from the comfort of your own home with a staycation! Ready to learn more? Read through these staycation secrets from Clearly Balanced Days.

Start With Some Serious Self-Care

Okay, so you may not be able to relax with your toes in the sand on the beach right now. But you can still chill out and recharge your brain with a little extra self-care at home. In fact, if you want your staycation to feel more like a real vacation, you should make self-care the focus.

Plan a full day of self-pampering and relaxation. Maybe start with some yoga and meditation, both of which have major perks for your body and brain. Even during chaotic days, a little bit of meditation and yoga can help keep you calm, so include both in your staycation. You can then use a few mood-boosting products from Clearly Balanced Days to set a calm tone for the rest of your staycation. To ensure that our CBD products are pure and provide you with positive benefits, our batches are tested by a third-party ISO-accredited laboratory that helps use guarantee you’re getting nothing short of the best.

Dress for Ultimate Comfort and Relaxation

Once you’ve stretched a little and calmed your mind, it’s time to get dressed. Stick to soft, soothing, and cozy leisure basics from top to bottom. Leggings from Kindred Bravely are a good choice for the latter. They even make extra-stretchy postpartum ones for new moms who need to relax and unwind, so you can look and feel amazing during your little staycation.

By the way, if you are going to practice yoga, you should top those cozy new leggings off with the right top, bra, and sweaters. If you’re doing yin or slower forms of yoga for your staycation, you can opt for soft ones that will take you from practicing on the mat to lounging. Last but not least, don’t forget to treat your feet! Pick up some super soothing slippers so you can walk around in comfort. You could even indulge in a pair of extra comfy heated slippers.

Set Up for a Simple and Stress-Free Mood

You’ll also want to surround yourself with touches of calm and comfort if you really want to unwind during your staycation. Spend a bit of time tidying up your home and maybe even turning it into a self-care sanctuary. Letting in more sunlight, adding shades of blue, and picking up a few houseplants are all simple updates that can help set the right tone for a staycation.

Want to save yourself more stress and time? Instead of spending your “vacation” time shopping for groceries and cooking them, pick up a meal kit to keep things extra low-key. There are a ton of top-rated options available, including healthy meals if you want more of a spa feel.

Don’t Forget to Do a Little Sightseeing

Now, you may be thinking that a staycation and sightseeing don’t really work together. However, with so many people stuck at home these days, exploring more of the world has actually become a lot easier! Countless museums and destinations are offering stunning tours online. You could fill a few hours checking out the Louvre, Guggenheim, or the Smithsonian if you’re into art and artifacts. Have little ones who will be joining you on your staycation? Keep them entertained with virtual tours of the world’s best zoos and even Disney theme parks.

Don’t let the pandemic spoil your vacation plans! If you can’t travel, turn your home into a self-care and staycation destination for a weekend or even longer. With a little creativity, you can fit in all of the relaxation and fun you need without putting your health at risk. Don’t forget to stock up on a few Clearly Balanced Days products to really maximize your relaxation. Shop now!

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