I Hate Writing a CBD Blog

“What do you mean you hate writing a CBD blog? Wasn’t writing a CBD blog … your idea?”

No, you’re right.  It was my idea.  BUT do you have any idea how many regulations and rules we have to operate under?!  I want to share all these great scientific studies with you that I’ve been reading, but I can’t because the FDA doesn’t recognize them and they are performed by private organizations.  There are also so many words we aren’t allowed to say because we can’t legally make claims – or even “imply” them!  This is also why we unfortunately would have to delete any of your amazing reviews and comments of our products that make any type of claim about effects on your health.  Trust me though, we LOVE to hear them!  Just send them through Facebook messenger – you’ll really make our day.

Not being allowed to make claims seems like it shouldn’t be too big of a deal, right?  Sure, everyone knows how easy it is to sell a product when you can say almost nothing about it, what it does, how it works, and how it can help. 

Not being able to make claims also means I can’t tell you how taking our product might impact a drug test.  Although I can show you our certificates of analysis, all of which show none of our products have detectable amounts of THC (the cannabinoid that might show up on a drug test) in them.  That being said, what you do in your free time very well might impact your upcoming drug test – don’t try to blame your CBD gummies.

We want to see all our customers happy and healthy and understand that looks different for everyone.  I just want to be able to pass more information along to you that isn’t being publicized or recognized as much as we would like to see!  I read so many scientific journals with such promising research that I want to pass along – and hopefully help you understand what all the scientific jargon is too (I might as well try to put my biology degree to some good use). 

I guess the moral of the story is, take a minute to look up some research on CBD, your endocannabinoid system, and all the incredible discoveries being made and keep advocating for the end of the prohibition on cannabis.  And know that as soon as we legally can tell you more, we will!

Always consult your doctor prior to introducing something new to your body. 

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