You Want How Many? No Problem.

Since it has now officially been announced, we are super excited to share that we are being featured in Ipsy’s March Glam Bag! 

This is the second of what we hope will be many huge orders for us, and boy have they put our small operation to the test.  These projects have taught us to be flexible and try new techniques, shown us what we need to upgrade in order to manufacture on a large scale, how crazy we are to take on projects like this, and how many people we have that love and support our business. 

Each order becomes an “all hands on deck” situation, the office people become manufacturing people, and our shipping department (shout-out to Chance!) has the task of figuring out how we can pack and send this much product – and fit it in our space in the meantime!

We made over a quarter of a million peppermint-flavored “It’s the (Lip) Balm”s for Ipsy.  Can you even imagine a quarter of a million anything?!  But we did it! 

Lip balm was a brand-new product for us when we received this order, so this much attention so quickly after release is very exciting.  Also, if you’ve ever taken a look at our ingredients, you’ve noticed that we use essential oils in our products – and if you’ve ever used peppermint essential oil, you know how strongly scented it is, so you can probably imagine that it eventually left some of us less-than-enthusiastic about candy canes during the holidays … but the people have spoken! Peppermint is our most popular lip balm flavor!

This project gave us a new appreciation for goggles, and a second reason for wearing face masks!  We also welcomed a new (to us) label machine that labels more than one product at a time, which was quite the learning curve for us, but has increased our efficiency and accuracy tremendously.  As with every project, there were some hurdles, but nothing we couldn’t handle with the help of our amazing team of temporary employees, friends, and family!

Prior to a huge lip balm order, we had a huge fizzy disc order!  Fizzy Discs were also a new product when the order came in from MyTheraBox, and we thought we had the perfect formula – but the fizzies had some surprises in store for us.  After weeks of frustration, we (shout-out to Shannon!) finally solved the mystery, and made 16,000 beautiful, purple Fizzy Discs!  For this project, I personally loved putting the stickers on and coming home smelling like “Relax+Unwind” every day.  This was the first sizable project we had ever had, so just figuring out the flow and how to manage our space was a learning experience that taught us so much about what works and what doesn’t for future projects.  AND Fizzy Discs have become one of our most popular products!

Now, we are working on Mani/Pedi mini fizzies for another project!  Thank goodness for the Fizzy Disc project, which gave us the chance to work out any kinks with the recipe and equipment before this new adventure.

I cannot believe we’ve been able to work with Ipsy and MyTheraBox, and cannot wait for what the future holds for us.  All our staff, friends, and family have worked so hard to help and encourage us.

What we need from YOU is: 1. Fantastic Spotify playlists (you have no idea what a valuable resource they can be until you’ve spent all day in production), 2. Tell all your favorite retailers, subscription boxes, spas, and anywhere else you think about our product and send them over for more information, and 3. Your amazing continued support.  Thank you to everyone who’s helped us get to this point!

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