Welcome to our blog!

Hi Clearly Balanced Days Fans/Supporters/friends!  I am so excited to introduce our brand-new BLOG!  This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while to share what we’re up to and why we’re doing what we do.

Since this is only the first post, I’m just going to give my quick spiel.

Clearly Balanced Days was founded by my mom, Tina White, back in 2017.  We started off wanting to create all-natural pet products, but after discovering the vast world of CBD, we quickly were sucked right in.  

We have had so many friends put so much trust and support into us in starting this company, we couldn’t possibly thank them all, but we sure try.  It all became real when we all started switching over from our “real” jobs and working here full time.  That was one of the scariest moves yet, but we are here and putting our hearts and souls into providing the highest quality products for all of you!

It’s really important for us to be transparent in what we’re doing here.  CBD companies are popping up everywhere and we want to stand out to you by being ourselves and providing the most unbiased CBD education we can.  Hence this blog!  We are a small business; this was an intimidating undertaking, but personally I am impressed with how well my mom and our whole team has grown this business.  We moved out of the house and into an incredible facility up the road, we have employees that are basically our family, we have accomplished some TREMENDOUS projects that two years ago we never could’ve imagined being able to do.  

One of the other things that we do that can be a little confusing has to do with you guys. Due to CBD being a supplement, meaning unregulated by the FDA, we aren’t allowed to make claims and you aren’t allowed to comment testimonies. While we LOVE to hear how our products or any CBD product is working for you, it has to come to us in a message. Please do not comment on our blog anything that makes a claim on how the product works. Unfortunately, we may have to delete those.

So anyway, Clearly Balanced Days is a huge deal to us and I hope it is to you too!  Thank you for supporting us through the past couple years and I hope we have many, many more to come.

I’m hoping we can start up a pet of the month segment on here and maybe spotlight some people, places, and things as we go!  I’ll be sharing this blog throughout the office, so you’ll hopefully hear from more of us, but for now, I’m Joli and I approve this message.  

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